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Capture the moment of 'creation'

Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s laboratory uses state of the art techniques within the field of assisted reproduction.

Whats involved?

We provide patients the option of culturing their embryos in a time lapse incubator such as the Embryoscope or Geri system, which have been scientifically shown to improve clinical outcomes.

These incubators allow uninterrupted culture of embryos, ensure the most stable of environments whilst producing an image of embryos at defined intervals. These systems enable embryologists to observe embryo development in greater detail and thus observe possible aberrations in their development that may have been missed using conventional incubation techniques.

The additional information provided, allows improved embryo selection for transfer or cryopreservation, thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Who could benefit?

All patients undergoing IVF/ICSI




  • Undisturbed embryo culture
  • Improved embryo selection
  • Improved clinical outcome

Timelapse is an adjunct treatment and is not compulsory pathway for all patients. Please speak to your consultant about whether it might be beneficial for you.

Please refer to the regulator’s web page regarding treatment “add-ons” for further information: HFEA

Research says........

A randomised control trial performed by Rubio et al. in 2014 comparing culture and selection using the Embryoscope documented an increase in ongoing pregnancy rate of 23% and a reduction of early miscarriage by 36%