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Partnering with Apricity

Getting the right support at the right time throughout your treatment journey is so important. As well as having the team at our clinic, we’ve partnered with Apricity – a virtual fertility clinic that uses data and technology to improve success rates and provide a quality service to patients remotely.

The background

Although a virtual fertility clinic, Apricity is focused on patient-centric care and has a dedicated team of advisors, nurses and doctors. They have even developed their own patient management system and a mobile app which provides AI-enhanced care and communication thanks to their innovative use of data and algorithms.

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Apricity was born to challenge the current fertility treatment experience, with our network of fertility clinics and transparent, all-inclusive packages.

How they can help

While all your treatment will be led by your doctor at our clinic, the care team at Apricity is there to provide added support whenever you need it. Their advisors can help coordinate your journey and answer any questions 7 days a week. They also partner with Gaia, to help give you financial access to treatment. You’ll get to see the entire treatment cost upfront –inclusive of all medication, tests and even blastocyst – so there are no unexpected surprises. And because their approach is holistic, you’ll have access to a wide range of added benefits including a free, AI-powered Fertility Predictor to help you understand your chances of pregnancy when using different fertility treatments.

The benefits – at a glance

  • 7/7 fertility support from doctors and specialists
  • Access to a fertility care app with tailored guidance
  • Full price transparency with no hidden costs
  • The option to add fertility counselling, reflexology or nutritional advice to your plan

This Is My Healthcare offers a range of fertility services including initial testing for men and women in clinics outside London.