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Partnering with Gaia

Fertility treatment can be expensive. That’s why we’ve partnered with Gaia, the world's first IVF insurance provider. Like us, they support everyone’s dream to have a family. But while our expertise lies in the laboratory, theirs is in finance – and in making sure everyone who wants a family has the chance to try.

The background

Gaia was founded by Nader AlSalim following his own IVF journey with his wife. After years of treatments across multiple clinics and countries, they were fortunate to have a son. However, in his own words, the experience was “exhausting” and “expensive”. Financially, IVF patients face not knowing how many rounds they’ll need and therefore what the total cost will be. Gaia was created to help you with these issues. They provide greater visibility of what your fertility journey will look like, and give you financial access to treatment.
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"Everyone should have the opportunity to start a family, regardless of their financial situation"


How they can help

After completing a Gaia profile, they’ll predict your chances of success across a maximum of six IVF rounds. They’ll then create a personalised plan that insures you for the number of rounds where you have at least an 82% chance of success.

If your insured rounds are unsuccessful, you would only pay your premium. However, if you are successful, you’ll pay back the cost of the IVF rounds you completed, in monthly instalments, once you’ve given birth. And even then, Gaia lets you spread the cost of your treatment over 8 years with 0% interest, with the option to re-finance if you required.

The benefits – at a glance

  • Pay your insurance premium to start each round of treatment – not the full cost upfront
  • Pay for your full IVF treatment only if you have a child
  • Focus on your treatment – Gaia pays us on your behalf
  • Get full visibility of your costs – Gaia fixes the cost for your full treatment including medication and all essential procedures
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Gaia believes everyone should own their fertility journey. Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, wherever things might end up – Gaia gives you access to the care you need to make your family.

IVF insurance, financing, and support – that’s just the beginning. Gaia exists to help you access fertility treatment in a more affordable way and with far greater peace of mind.

If you’re considering IVF, egg freezing, or other family building options

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