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Blastocyst stage 111h

Creating life with Blastocyst Culture

A combination of state of the art laboratory, AI and an experienced embryology team.
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..embryo transfer following IVF or ICSI took place two or three days after egg collection when the embryo contains around 6-8 cells

Blastocyst advancement today

Laboratory advancements have delivered knowledge and improved success rates for pregnancy. 

We now culture embryo's for five to 6 days to develop a blastocysts containing 80-100 cells, allowing the opportunity to prove their development potential, free of damage.

Some fertilised eggs will arrest ( stop developing) prior to day 5.  This natural selection enables the embryologist to more accurately choose the best embryo for transfer and the most likely chance of pregnancy.

Blastocyst developing 113.72 h

Artificial Inteligence

Technology advancements like Chloe apply decades of data and algorithms to support Embryologists in selecting and grading blastocysts suitable for implantation.  We have invested in this technology in our pursuit for success for our patients. 

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Rachael, IVF patient, with her family and IVF baby

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