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Time intercourse perfectly with follicular tracking

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We’ll monitor your follicular growth and ovulation during your natural cycle – it’s the simplest and most natural form of assisted conception there is. If appropriate, we can also induce follicle growth and ovulation with simple medications.


Is follicular tracking right for me?

If you’re just starting out on your journey to parenthood, follicular tracking could be a good beginner treatment. With no stimulation or very mild stimulation of your ovaries with drugs (as in IVF for example) it could be easier physically and financially. However, as with all our treatments, our approach is focused on thoroughly understanding you and your unique fertility health before recommending a treatment plan.

Who’s it for

You might want to use follicular tracking if…

  • You have a regular menstrual cycle and ovulate regularly
  • Your infertility is unexplained and less than 1 year
  • You’re under 30 years old

Statistics at Harley Street

The pregnancy rate for conception using this method is rather low (less than 10%). However, we would only recommend this approach if we believed it was the best option for you.

Baby held in adult arms

"I am so thankful to Dr Venkat to be sitting here now, 13 weeks pregnant"


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