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Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) treatment

A fertility treatment known as “artificial insemination” that involves carefully placing good quality sperm inside the womb.

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Is IUI right for me?

IUI can be a good option for couples where the male partner has a slightly low sperm count or poor sperm motility, or for single or gay women where there is no male partner. The treatment can be performed in two ways at our clinic: in a natural cycle without fertility medicines or in a stimulated cycle with fertility drugs. You can opt for IUI using your partner’s sperm or donor sperm.

Who’s it for

You might want to use IUI if…

  • You’ve experienced unexplained fertility
  • You have mild endometriosis but open fallopian tubes
  • You have mild male factor infertility
  • You have cervical hostility
  • You struggle with full penetrative intercourse
  • You’re in a same sex female relationship using donor sperm
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Statistics at Harley Street

The success rate with IUI treatment depends on you and your partner’s fertility status and your age. Most couples who opt for IUI have a 5 to 20 per cent chance of becoming pregnant with each attempt, so it’s not uncommon for multiple IUI cycles to be attempted.
Eilidh, IUI treatment
Dr Venkat + baby + Eilidh

“Giving up after 10 failed IVFs was not an option”

Eilidh, IUI treatment

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