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November 3, 2022

A new addition to our family: Baby Daniel

We love keeping in touch with our patients who are part of our HSFC family, long after they left the clinic. Sometimes they send us pictures with our HSFC babies and their milestones, when they start school or take the first steps. And our hearts are full of joy when this happens.


We have recently received this email about one of our IVF babies, the adorable baby Daniel.


"Good Evening,


We hope all is well.  It has been a while since our son was born and we apologise not being in contact.


We wanted to send some photos of Daniel, who is now 8 months!


He is crawling, saying “Da, da”, doing amazingly well 😃❤


We want to thank you for all your help for us to have our perfect baby, Daniel ☺️


Kind regards,


Kaylie and Jason"


It's heartwarming to read emails like this, and the whole HSFC family is wishing baby Daniel a very warm welcome to the family! Wishing baby Daniel and his parents a great life together.


We met Kaylie and Jason a few days ago and they told us their story of baby Daniel being conceived- stay tuned to find out how they find HSFC, their treatment, and how long it took them to have the adorable baby Daniel.


If you would like to have your baby in your arms, contact us today - we would love to help you in your journey.


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