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Alex Reid and Nicola Manashe's
IVF Treatment

Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid's fertility journey with HSFC

Nicola Manashe and her fiancee, actor Alex Reid, joined Our Family in December 2019. Here is their fertility journey with HSFC, witnessed in blogs and podcasts

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Our Family: Chloe
08 Jan 2021

“The journey is hard, the journey is tough, but stay hopeful, stay focused – the miracle that comes at the...

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Our Family: Baby Aarika – “Dr Venkat is like a God to us”
10 Dec 2020

All of our patients deeply wish to have a baby, but for a number of different reasons, some can’t fulfil...

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Our Family: Sevgi, the selfless egg donor whose name means ‘Love’
20 Nov 2020

    When our patients start their fertility journeys with HSFC, most are hoping for successful pregnancies using their own...

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Our Family: Baby Hope
06 Nov 2020

“I wish I had PGT-A done right at the beginning of my ten-year fertility journey!”     When she got...

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Our Family: Nikki – “Dr Venkat really is like a mother”
19 Oct 2020

Nikki and her husband, among our first 100 patients     Nikki and her husband started their journey with Harley...

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Our Family: Zoe, mum of an angel and a schoolboy
15 Oct 2020

    “Never give up!”     Our incredible stories feature many patients, each at different stages of their fertility...

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Our Family: Rachel, the fighter
13 Oct 2020

Her heartache over her double loss and continued fertility journey     Being unable to conceive naturally can be devastating,...

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Our family: Anne-Marie -“We definitely feel part of HSFC family”
22 Sep 2020

“Don’t rush! It took us 10 years to have the family we wanted to have!”       We love...

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Our family: Rachael – “I wouldn’t be a mum today without HSFC’s help”
05 Sep 2020

Rachael, Michael and Harry (5 years old)       Our stories usually feature patients in the early stages of...

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