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Alex Reid and Nicola Manashe's
IVF Treatment

Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid's fertility journey with HSFC

Nicola Manashe and her fiancee, actor Alex Reid, joined Our Family in December 2019. Here is their fertility journey with HSFC, witnessed in blogs and podcasts

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Our family: Emma and Nick
16 Jun 2022

“We want to give hope to other people – a year ago it was us holding on to that hope”...

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Our family: Magda – “Genetics don’t make a family, but love.”
13 May 2022

    When we first spoke with Magda, she finished her fertility check-ups, wondering about the next steps (read her...

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My IVF journey: Alice’s pathway to motherhood
19 Apr 2022

 ‘Like every couple, we just assumed it would happen right away.’   Alice’s story might ring true for many couples...

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Egg Sharing & IVF
12 Apr 2022

Julie Ann lives in North London with her husband and was desperate to have children but was unable to conceive...

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A journey to motherhood: How Emily overcame heartbreak
07 Apr 2022

“We knew Dr Venkat and her team would hold our hand through this journey.”     An ectopic pregnancy happens...

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Our Family: Single Mother Daisy
22 Dec 2021

“HSFC was great for me, I was on my own but I didn’t have the feeling I was on my...

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Our family: Nigella. “My baby came here to heal me”
10 Dec 2021

Nigella’s story is very, very special, and involves heartbreak, bravery and healing. We spoke to Nigella about her various experiences...

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Our family: Natalie. “Thankful to you all at HSFC”
26 Nov 2021

“ I am so thankful to Dr Venkat to be sitting here now, 13 weeks pregnant“. This is what our patient...

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Our Family: Louise, Davood, Florence & Caspian
11 Nov 2021

  “I gave birth at 43 and 46. IVF shouldn’t have worked for me, but it did. I am so...

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