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Alex Reid and Nicola Manashe's
IVF Treatment

Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid's fertility journey with HSFC

Nicola Manashe and her fiancee, actor Alex Reid, joined Our Family in December 2019. Here is their fertility journey with HSFC, witnessed in blogs and podcasts

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Our family: Rachel the fighter. Part 2
20 Oct 2021

“My baby is here. That’s my joy!”     When starting their fertility journeys with HSFC, our patients are always...

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Our Family: Rachel, the fighter. Part 1
13 Oct 2020

Her heartache over her double loss and continued fertility journey     Being unable to conceive naturally can be devastating,...

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Our Family: Julie’s Surrogacy Journey: Julie @surrgalicious
30 Sep 2021

“I am excited to be a surrogate, helping another family”   Many people struggle when it comes to conceiving naturally,...

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Our Family: Magda. Choosing a Fertility Clinic
10 Aug 2021

 “I am fully confident I am in good hands. It’s an exciting time.”     Searching for a fertility clinic...

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Our family: Libby. “Why Egg Freezing was right for me”
04 Aug 2021

 “It’s a wonderful thing for women in their 30s to buy themselves some time and focus on other things. I...

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Our Family: Cat & Tom
28 Jul 2021

“If you follow Dr Venkat’s advice, you will have a baby – I had mine at 48 using donor eggs.”...

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Our Family: Nikoleta and Karleen
25 Jun 2021

“Having a positive mindset led us to where we are now.”     When we first interviewed our same-sex couple...

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Our family: Jenny, David and baby Leah
15 Jun 2021

“We were so ready through lockdown and so positive that it was going to work”     Today’s story is...

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Our Family: Natalie
10 Jun 2021

“ I am so thankful to Dr Venkat to be sitting here now, 13 weeks pregnant“     The heartbreak...

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