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April 12, 2022

Egg Sharing & IVF

Julie Ann lives in North London with her husband and was desperate to have children but was unable to conceive naturally. Two years ago, she underwent IVF treatment under the NHS, but both attempts were unsuccessful.


The couple had nearly given up all hope, before her husband discovered Harley Street Fertility Clinic online. They had a consultation with Dr Geetha Venkat who spoke to them at length about the range of treatments and options available to them.


“She was extremely helpful, open and honest with us,” said Julie, “I decided to take part in egg donation as I really wanted to help someone else too. I know what it feels like not be able to have children and I really wanted to make a difference.”


On top of helping others to overcome their fertility issues, the egg sharing option can also save money on your fertility treatment: there is no charge for IVF treatment or the medications required for IVF for egg share donors. The cost of IVF treatments and consultations can often be worryingly expensive and people can be put off by this. The option of egg sharing allows some couples to overcome such worries.


“We did get money off our fertility treatment because of egg sharing – I have also done it twice more since. I would highly recommend it to anyone and firmly believe that if you give something, you receive something.”


Julie still lives with her husband in North London but now, thanks to successful IVF treatment from Harley Street Fertility Clinic, they have been joined by the arrival of their new little boy.


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