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10 December 2021

"My baby came here to heal me"

Nigella’s story is very, very special, and involves heartbreak, bravery and healing. We spoke to Nigella about her various experiences being a mother over the last few years, and today we are sharing her story with you.

More than 10 years ago, Nigella gave birth to a son, who was sadly born with congenital defects and had to undergo many surgeries throughout his short life. In 2014, he passed away, and after losing her son Nigella met a widowed man who already had 2 children. However, shortly after they got together, he left Nigella and she found herself a mother again, this time of 2 children.

In June 2020, Nigella took her law exams to become a legal professional. She, unfortunately, failed her exams twice, which left her feeling frustrated that she had wasted so much time studying. Nigella then re-evaluated her life, which led her to make the courageous decision to have another baby.


Hoping for a miracle

“After I lost my son, I had a dream that I was giving birth to a baby boy. I feel I should have given birth to this baby who came to heal me, and God compensated me through him. I named him Seth and Jess, meaning the healer and the compensator. He came to heal me and compensate me.”

Nigella decided to have a baby in 2020. She looked online for fertility clinics and found HSFC. Seeing the baby picture on our website, she saved the picture on her phone. She called the clinic, and had her consultation during the summer. “I told Dr Venkat I wanted to have twins. She was very supportive. The whole process was successful, like divine, destined, time to have a baby. I am a believer, a Christian, and I felt like God prepared everything for this journey, to have him. All the results, all the tests.”

Nigella said that having her baby was “a miracle.” Although pregnant with twins, at her scan she was told she only had one baby developing. Nigella confessed she felt devastated, but she was grateful for the healthy baby that was growing inside her.

Nigella gave birth earlier than planned, and she was told the baby might need to go into an incubator. Luckily, this was not the case, and he came home straight away!


A beautiful surprise

Because Nigella was pregnant during lockdown, not many people knew about her decision to have a baby, and it came as quite a surprise to everyone! Nigella tells us that the time between finding HSFC and coming home with her baby was just a year. “People tell me, ‘if at 47 you can have a baby, you give us hope!’ My friends tell me everyone around me is so happy, and I say, yes, because he brought happiness.”

Nigella says that her baby “was meant to be! He was meant to be single as well. He is my son; he didn’t want any competition,” she laughs, continuing, “I am so happy. This baby came to heal me. He is so precious to me.”

Nigella also tells us that her 2 children supported her hugely throughout her pregnancy, and they were looking forward to their family becoming bigger. “My daughter was waiting for me to tell her I was pregnant. They accepted him, and they love him.”


The HSFC family

Nigella mentions the incredible support she had from the clinic and our doctors throughout her journey. “Everyone was professional and empathetic. Everything Dr Venkat told me about went as planned. She encouraged me. Even when I was concerned, she reassured me. No pressure. She is so good at what she does, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s amazing how I went through a depressive episode and now I am so overwhelmed with joy.”

“To lose a child is a very sad thing. Maybe that’s why I am so overjoyed – no one can replace him, but I have found what I lost. I am so blessed to be given a second chance. I look at him and see my son, he even looks like him. Maybe genetically I am not, but biologically I am his mother, that’s why he looks like me. He has my nose,” she laughs.


A message for other women

“If the first time it doesn’t work, don’t give up. I have the evidence – from seeing a picture on your website, to having my baby. Hang on in there. You will experience joy, because there is joy eventually. I have been through the journey and I can testify that when you don’t give up, it will come. My baby changed everything, from sadness to joy.”

“HSFC is so professional. People think, because it’s Harley Street, it might be expensive, but it’s not really. You will have a baby!”

We would like to thank Nigella for sharing her beautiful story. If you’re interested in finding out more about IVF with donor eggs, take a look at our website or get in touch directly.