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October 20, 2021

Our family: Rachel the fighter. Part 2

“My baby is here. That’s my joy!”



When starting their fertility journeys with HSFC, our patients are always hoping to leave the clinic with a positive pregnancy, and visit us soon after with a baby in their arms. Sometimes, however, the treatment does not work the first time. This is heartbreaking for everyone involved, but most of the time, even after the storm, a rainbow appears. Today’s story is about Rachel, our fighter who experienced heartbreak, hope and joy.



Rachel’s miscarriage


We met Rachel 2 years ago, when she was pregnant with her twins (read her story at the time here). Sadly, she miscarried, and today she speaks openly about her experience. She told us: “I was happy, pregnant with my twins, and Harley Street were so good, especially Dr Venkat. Amazing. Unfortunately, I miscarried.”


Rachel said she felt she did not need counselling after her miscarriage. “Dr Venkat arranged for me to have acupuncture. My family and friends supported me.”


Rachel continued to fight for her right to become a mother, so she came back for a second time to our clinic. “I am not giving up,” she told us at the time.




Becoming a mother


We are thrilled to announce that Rachel’s determination and belief have led to her dream of becoming a mother coming true. Rachel now has a healthy baby boy, conceived with donor eggs and donor sperm.


When I found out that Rachel had become a mother, I was so happy. I remember the happiness during her pregnancy the first time, and I could only imagine her joy now that her dream has been fulfilled.


Rachel says that, throughout her pregnancy, she had to take it easy. “My baby is here, that’s my joy! Everybody is fantastic and amazing! I would recommend Dr Venkat to anyone, anytime.”


In this case, it was a happy ending to a painful, rollercoaster journey. A journey that Rachel will remember forever as she holds onto the most precious gift life can bring - her new baby.


If you would like to start your fertility journey with us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us today and we will help you to decide which options are best for you.