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October 19, 2020

Our Family: Nikki - “Dr Venkat really is like a mother”

Nikki and her husband, among our first 100 patients



Nikki and her husband started their journey with Harley Street Fertility Clinic back in 2010, six years into their marriage. In fact, they were among our first 100 patients!



A Supportive and Timely Response


Nikki’s journey with our clinic began following a call with Dr Venkat, as she explains in her interview: “I was diagnosed with PCOS so it was hard to conceive naturally. I didn’t know at the time that I had PCOS, but we wanted to have a family, so we decided to look for a fertility clinic.”

The pair had done their research on the internet and had found several hospitals and fertility clinics in London. “We had an appointment booked for another hospital, but after speaking with Dr Venkat we decided to visit Harley Street Fertility Clinic first."

Thanks to Dr Venkat’s supportive and timely response, Nikki's heart was set on HSFC. She felt confident and encouraged after meeting the "lovely lady".

“We had a check-up and went through the options of what treatments we could have. We decided to start our treatment at HSFC.”



The Treatment

Nikki originally wanted IUI fertility treatment, but because of her PCOS it was not possible. The couple eventually opted for IVF. 

The first round of the IVF treatment was successful and gave the couple their "beautiful daughter", now eight years old. Nikki and her husband also chose to freeze six embryos at the same time, and in 2017 they had another embryo transfer which was equally successful.

Nikki recalls that during her treatment, Dr Venkat and a nurse named Isabelle made her "feel so comfortable.”  



Praise for Dr Venkat

When asked about Dr Venkat, Nikki told us: "it’s like meeting my mother! I have called her many times, and she is always ready to help. During my treatment, I started bleeding and I panicked. I called Dr Venkat, and I didn’t know she was on holiday at the time. She picked up the phone straight away and reassured me...she really is like a mother.”

“I can’t even think of anything bad to say about Dr Venkat, she is too good!”.

Now, as well as her beautiful daughter,  Nikki has a handsome and energetic son who is two and a half years old. “I have 2 babies, I am so blessed!”


A Final Note

Nikki was full of praise for all the IVF specialists at HSFC. She’s eager to reassure any women looking for fertility treatments that Harley Street is the right place to go!

“For any problems, go to Dr Venkat. She is lovely. You will get a treatment [at HSFC], better than anywhere else.”

*To protect patient's confidentiality, we have used a stock picture.