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October 1, 2020

Egg freezing announcement


“Sometime in between now and the next TEN YEARS I am expecting to have a baby with one (or more!) of my 15 eggs in the freezer in Harley Street.”




If you are wondering what this picture shows, you might be surprised at the answer. It’s not a baby growing. It’s a photo of eggs growing! Not many patients ask for this kind of picture, and Dr. Venkat was pleasantly surprised by this unique request.






The patient, in her early 30s, decided to freeze her eggs and the picture was used as a Christmas card. Original!



Here is a sneak peek of what the patient felt after her eggs being collected and safely stored at HSFC.




Me, myself and I have an exciting announcement.

We are expecting!



I have successfully undergone three weeks of daily hormone injections in my tummy, countless internal scans, blood tests and doctors appointments (every other day), topped off with a minor egg extraction procedure. SO, sometime in between now and the next TEN YEARS I am expecting to have a baby with one (or more!) of my 15 eggs in the freezer in Harley Street. Or perhaps naturally. Or both. Who knows. I’ve got options. Lots of eggs, TWO baskets.

It’s been a bit of a rough journey (think 2+ weeks of raging PMS) not to mention a huge expense, but all in all totally doable even with a busy work schedule. It’s made me feel hopeful and empowered, and extremely empathetic towards the millions of women struggling with fertility and desperately undergoing rounds and rounds of IVF to get pregnant (many of whom I saw daily in the doctors waiting room).

I consider myself extremely lucky that science is on my side and I can try to delay having children until I’m ready. I am beyond grateful for my financial backers (grandpa Chuck and grandma Kimberley) for supporting me in this investment in our future. I highly recommend considering it and meeting with a doctor if you’re a woman in your 30s and think it might be the way for you. Some clinics even offer payment plans.

Now, after weeks of no exercising and no boozing (docs orders), I’m off to do a spin class and get drunk.”

To find out more from Libby about the egg freezing process, how she found HSFC, the procedure and side effects, please listen to her podcast here.

To find out more about egg freezing, please visit our dedicated egg freezing page or watch our Egg Freezing webinar below.