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July 13, 2022

Baby Anastasia is 1

Happy 1st Birthday, Anastasia! May you have a life full of love and laughter, surrounded by amazing people.


We love to celebrate the milestones of all of our HSFC babies, and today is Anastasia's turn to be celebrated as the little miracle that she is.


Anastasia's parents, Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid, brought so much awareness to the fertility struggles that too many couples have to face. The bravery that Nicola showed in sharing her story, brought so much comfort and education to others going on the same journey. Alex also shared his side of the story, taking part in webinars about Male Fertility.


On the way to Anastasia, Nicola and Alex suffered a few devastating miscarriages. It really was quite the journey for this couple (think a pandemic with postponed treatment, NKC (Natural Killer Cells) and intralipid treatment). We are so happy that HSFC were able to play a part in helping them have their miracle baby.


Currently, Nicola and Alex are on the journey to baby number 2 with the help of HSFC!