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22 September 2023

Holistic support on your fertility journey: A path to success

Embarking on a fertility journey can be one of the most challenging journeys that people can experience. In the quest for conceiving and starting a family, the role of holistic support is often overlooked. A holistic approach takes into consideration the emotional, physical and lifestyle factors that can influence fertility, from acupuncture and nutrition to emotional support through counselling. This comprehensive support can provide a the toolkit that empowers and balances individuals in their path to parenthood.




Let’s explore the benefits of individual holistic support during your fertility journey.


Acupuncture: finding balance and harmony

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that has been used to enhance fertility. By stimulating specific points in the body, acupuncture helps regulate hormonal imbalances and improve blood flow to reproductive organs, creating a positive environment for conception. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety that often accompany a fertility journey. If you're looking for a holistic approach that aligns your body and mind with your goal of parenthood, acupuncture might just be the needle in the haystack you've been searching for.

Maria Rossi, our in-house acupuncturist, is a fully qualified and licensed Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5-Element Acupuncturist. She helped many patients in their fertility journey and she will happily guide you through yours. To find out more about our acupuncturist Maria and book an acupuncture appointment


Nutrition: using the right "fuel" for your fertility journey

Nutrition plays a crucial role in fertility- it’s true “we are what we eat”. Food can impact hormone levels, egg quality, and overall reproductive health. A holistic approach to nutrition takes into account individual needs and tailors dietary recommendations accordingly. Incorporating fertility-friendly foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can help optimize the chances of conception by nurturing your body with the right nutrients. Using the right “fuel” during your fertility journey will lead to the “destination,” the family you've been dreaming of. Find out more about our nutrition support.

Dr Divya Manglam is our in-house nutritionist. Divya is a medical doctor, has a postgraduate master’s degree (MSc) in Nutrition from King’s College London. She is registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and is a member of The Nutrition Society. To find out how our nutritionist Divya can help you, please visit the nutrition page.



Emotional support and counselling: navigating the rollercoaster

A fertility journey is nothing short of emotions, ups and downs, exactly like a rollercoaster. The emotional aspect of a fertility journey can be as challenging as the physical one. Feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, stress may all appear at any point of the journey. We offer emotional support with a complementary counselling session and further should you require, all providing a safe space to express your feelings, fears, and hopes. A skilled counsellor can equip you with coping strategies, and the emotional strength to face each phase of your journey with resilience. You don't have to go through this alone- we are here for you, every step of the way.

Our counsellor Mollie Graneek is a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist who has worked in the field of women’s health for over 30 years.

Find out more about counselling at Harley Street Fertility Clinic.


At Harley Street Fertility Clinic, our commitment to patient goes beyond medical treatments. We strive to empower our patients with a compassionate approach, ensuring every step of their path to parenthood is met with expertise and care.

To discuss your fertility journey with a counsellor, please contact us today.