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February 14, 2022

Harley Street Fertility Clinic Success Rates

As one of London’s high-success fertility clinics, Harley Street has been helping families grow for over ten years. Led by renowned fertility specialist Dr Geetha Venkat who has decades of experience in the field, we're delighted to be a family-run clinic with specialists dedicated to helping you be the parents you've always wanted to be.



Our success rates


Our pregnancy rate per embryo transfer is now at 54% across all ages (and per embryo transferred, it is at 44%). This is compared to a national average of 23%.


KPI All ages Under 37 Over 37
Embryo transfers 67 47 20
Embryos transferred 82 55 27
Clinical pregnancies 36 30 7
Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer 54% 64% 35%
Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred 44% 55% 26%
National average 23% 31% 13%

Raw numbers: embryo transfers 20, embryos transferred 27, clinical pregnancies 7.


Please note that the above data are from the Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s 2020 treatment cycles compared to the latest available national data (source: HFEA; The data detail clinical pregnancy rates, not live births which are the final outcomes. Please refer to the HFEA’s website for further information.



Our secret to success


The secret to our success lies in our passion for helping people grow their families. Together, with our team of friendly experts, our tailor-made plans, and our family-run environment, we can offer you one of the best probabilities for a successful pregnancy.


We have some of the finest, and friendliest, clinical staff, holistic practitioners, counsellors, and trained staff on-site and on hand to help you throughout your journey to becoming a parent. We all share the same focus, and the same goal, and work hard to achieve it for you.


Our personalised fertility treatment plans are all tailor-made to suit you. At Harley Street, we use the latest in genetic testing techniques, advanced analysis and cutting edge technology to determine the approach that will maximise your specific chances of success.


Everything about our premises is designed for your comfort and safety, we want you to feel at home when you come to visit us. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are newly equipped with the latest tools for genetic testing, 3D ultrasound and analysis. Offering you a wide range of procedures and treatments allows us to recommend the safest, most effective method of conception for you and your family.


Our testimonials


Magda and her partner had been trying to conceive for two years, but unfortunately had been unsuccessful. Many of the clinics they had researched refused treatment on the basis of her BMI or age. But at Harley Street Fertility Clinic we’re willing to help anyone we can who wants to become a parent. Magda said she “chose Harley Street Fertility Clinic because [we] look at the patients in a slightly different way.”


Natalie found us through our blogs and social media posts from our other mothers who were talking about their experiences and issues surrounding fertility. She told us she “wouldn’t be in the position [she] is now” if it wasn’t for those women being open enough and sharing their stories. Since then, Natalie and her husband have welcomed beautiful baby J into their lives and we couldn’t be happier for them. “We are so incredibly thankful to you all at HSFC. Without your support and the immune treatments I’ve been having at the clinic, our long-awaited dreams of becoming parents wouldn’t have come true.”


We welcomed Alex Reid and fiancé Nicola Manashe to the HSFC family back in December 2019. They had been on a rollercoaster ride of IVF cycles, but thanks to our fertility clinic, they have given birth to a beautiful baby, Anastasia Pixie Reid. “We are so indebted to you. There’s so much love. It really is a family. Our family! Thank you! And thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Venkat and everybody.” - Alex Reid. And since this wonderful news, we are delighted to announce that Nicola and Alex have decided to start their second fertility treatment with Harley Street Fertility Clinic!


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