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10 December 2023

The cost of IVF

Unfortunately, approximately 1 out of every 7 couples may have problems conceiving, and according to the NHS, if a couple has been trying to get pregnant for over three years, the likelihood of getting pregnant naturally within the next year is 1 in 4. But not all is lost, and there are options out there!

The costs of In vitro fertilisation (IVF), the procedure where an egg is fertilised by sperm outside the body, can range from £4,000 - £9,000 and this will usually cover your first consultation, any blood tests and fertility evaluations, the actual IVF treatment, and, if necessary, frozen embryo transfers. It's completely normal to be concerned about the costs of an IVF cycle, and it is something that you should definitely consider and research before you go down this route so you’re both mentally and financially prepared.


IVF from the NHS

It is possible to have your IVF treatment paid for and done by the NHS, however, there are strict rules that apply and they aren’t always the same depending on which hospital you go to. In general, you can embark on your IVF journey with the NHS if this is your first time trying to get pregnant, and if you're the right age, weight and health. If you already have biological children, naturally or otherwise, you will have to go to a clinic and pay for IVF treatment.

If you’re unsure whether or not you qualify ask your GP or contact your local CCG to find out whether NHS-funded IVF treatment is available in your area.


IVF from a private fertility clinic

The cost of private treatment varies depending on your individual circumstances and medical conditions. There may be additional charges for medicines, consultations, and tests, which might result in a higher price. It's always a good idea to double-check what's included in the fees during your consultation with the clinic so you know exactly what you’ll be paying for.

It’s also important to understand that there are a few different types of IVF treatment which again would depend on your specific situation, so just because someone paid a certain amount for IVF treatment, doesn’t mean you will pay the exact same. When it comes to fertility clinics it's worth noting that certain places may be reached directly without seeing your GP first, but others may ask for a referral.


Harley Street Fertility Clinic

Harley Street Fertility Clinic is one of London’s high-success fertility clinics, and it has been helping families grow for over 20 years. In the state-of-the-art settings of our newly-equipped clinic, our highly trained and friendly team will deliver a personalised service that is safe, supportive, and effective. Below, you’ll find a list of just some of Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s IVF treatments and their costs*:

  • IVF - fresh transfer = £4,800.00
  • IVF - freeze all cycle = £4,800.00
  • IVF with Donor Eggs using a known egg donor = £5,600.00
  • Reciprocal IVF = £5,600.00
  • Reciprocal IVF for egg share donors = £800.00
  • Natural cycle IVF = £3,800.00

* Prices validity: June 2022.

The full price of treatments is available here.

If you do attend a clinic for your IVF treatment, another thing to consider whilst researching the costs is to research clinic success rates. To learn more about Harley Street Fertility Clinic's success rates, please visit this section.

We are passionate about helping patients become parents. But don’t just take our word for it! We are delighted to have so many patients willing to share their stories, helping to inspire and encourage other people.

Bachelorette Daisy wasn’t eligible for NHS-funded treatment, so she turned to our family instead. After just a couple of rounds of IVF Daisy was successfully pregnant! And at her 7-week scan, we found, not one, but two heartbeats. Our team were absolutely ecstatic, Single-mum Daisy was having twins! “HSFC was great for me, I was on my own but I didn’t have the feeling I was on my own!” - Single Mum Daisy.

Alex Reid and fiancé Nicola Manashe had been on a rollercoaster ride of IVF cycles, but thanks to our fertility clinic, they have given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby, Anastasia Pixie Reid. “We are so indebted to you. There’s so much love. It really is a family. Our family! Thank you! And thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Venkat and everybody.” - Alex Reid. We’re also delighted to announce Nicola and Alex have decided to start their second fertility treatment with Harley Street Fertility Clinic!

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