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4 August 2021

Libby's story

 “It’s a wonderful thing for women in their 30s to buy themselves some time and focus on other things. I highly recommend the egg freezing process.”



Due to not having enough information about egg freezing, some of our patients miss the opportunity of having a baby using their own eggs. Thankfully for our lovely patient Libby, this was not the case. In this story, Libby tells us about why she chose the “insurance” option of freezing her eggs with HSFC in her 30’s.


Listen to Libby's podcast to find out why she chose Harley Street Fertility Clinic, making the final decision about egg freezing, the cost and ongoing process, as well as a message of hope for other women.


Read Libby's story here.



We are looking forward to catching up with Libby in the future to see where she is in her fertility journey. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about egg freezing, please visit our dedicated egg freezing page.