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Potential challenges with Surrogacy treatment

What are the potential challenges with Surrogacy treatment?

Surrogacy treatment is complex emotionally, psychologically and clinically and there are complications that can arise. To make sure you are fully prepared, it’s important to understand what they are. They include:

  • The surrogate may fail to hand over the baby at the end, and keep the baby.
  • The commissioning couple may reject the baby if the baby is abnormal.

In view of the above problems, it’s better to have an agreement drawn between the relevant parties with the help of a specialised solicitor. Please also note that commercial surrogacy is not allowed in the UK and therefore no outright payment should be made to a surrogate at any point.

Can I breastfeed my surrogate baby?

A question commonly asked by couples is whether the commissioning mother can breast feed the baby after it is handed over by the host. The answer is: yes, it is possible. If this is something you would like to do, we can help you prepare for this with medications.

Our ethos

We’re firm believers that all people should have the option to start a family. For that reason we welcome all potential parents and provide introductions to first class specialists in Surrogacy matching and legals – people we trust to help you with the marked differences in beliefs and legalities between the UK and other countries like the United States.

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