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Grow your family with Surrogacy

Fulfil your dream of becoming a parent with the help of another woman who will carry the baby for you during pregnancy.

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Is surrogacy right for me?

Surrogacy is a complex treatment, emotionally, psychologically and clinically. It involves an arrangement between the intended parents (you) and the surrogate who will carry the baby throughout pregnancy and gift it to you after the birth. However, there are a lot of issues to think about and it’s advisable that you seek your own independent legal advice and source a host via a surrogate agency if required, before you begin.

Who’s it for

You might choose Surrogacy if…

  • You were born without a uterus
  • You have undergone a hysterectomy or removal of the uterus
  • Your uterine lining is damaged e.g. Asherman’s syndrome 
  • You’ve had recurrent miscarriages
  • Your IVF cycles have failed despite good quality embryos
  • You have a severe medical condition incompatible with pregnancy
  • You’re in a male gay couple

Statistics at Harley Street Fertility

We’ve helped many partners, individuals and LBGTQ+ couples start their family since we opened our clinic in 2010 and we use a successful new egg freezing and thawing technique called vitrification that’s comparable to those of fresh eggs according to recent studies.


Vitrified Eggs

We have an over 90% freezing and thawing survival rate.

Surrogacy process

Julie, surrogate
Surrogate Julie

“I am excited to be a surrogate, helping another family”

Julie, surrogate

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