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24 August 2023

Exploring Egg Freezing with Dr. Vivienne Hall

Are you curious about egg freezing and its potential to empower your future fertility choices? Look no further! We are excited to extend a heartfelt invitation to an exclusive event, organised in collaboration with Amilis Fertility and Allbright- an event that promises to be informative, engaging, and held in the elegant ambiance of Mayfair, London's premier women's club.


Explore, Engage, and Empower

As a renowned fertility specialist at Harley Street Fertility Clinic, Dr. Hall brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through this unique journey. Dr. Hall will lead the conversation, delving into the intricacies of egg freezing and its potential benefits for women seeking to preserve their fertility. Whether you're considering this avenue or simply curious about the process, Dr. Hall's expertise will empower you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.


Unveil Your Possibilities

Learn from an expert: Dr Hall's extensive experience in fertility medicine will provide you with a deep understanding of egg freezing, its procedure, success rates, and more.

Engage in Open Conversations: This event offers a friendly and open space for asking questions. No question is too big or small, so feel free to bring your curiosities to the table.

Network and Connect: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals in an exclusive setting, fostering connections and shared experiences.


Secure your spot today

Attendance is free, but due to the limited capacity of the venue, we kindly request you to register in advance. Secure your spot by completing the registration process here. Don't miss this unique chance to interact with Dr. Vivienne Hall and your fellow attendees in a comfortable and inclusive environment.