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20 June 2023

“Younger women are freezing their eggs – and they are not always single”

- Harley Street Fertility Clinic, featured in Bloomberg -


Exciting News! Dr. Suvir Venkataraman, our esteemed General Manager at Harley Street Fertility Clinic, has been featured in an article discussing the rising trend of egg freezing among younger women. The article highlights the remarkable 64% increase in egg freezing cycles in the UK between 2019 and 2021. What's intriguing is that these women are younger than ever before and not always single.


Dr Venkataraman sheds light on the shifting demographic, attributing it to greater uptake in preventive fertility testing, which helps women assess the quality of their eggs. Freezing eggs at a younger age significantly enhances the treatment's efficacy, especially for women from ethnic minority groups whose fertility levels may decline earlier than commonly assumed.


The article also emphasizes the advancements in egg freezing success rates, thanks to cutting-edge techniques like vitrification. Dr. Venkataraman explains that this new freezing method has dramatically increased the survival rate of eggs during thawing from approximately 30% to an impressive 90%.


AT Harley Street Fertility Clinic, we are dedicated to supporting women in their reproductive journeys, offering cutting-edge techniques, personalized care, and expert advice. Dr. Venkataraman and our entire team are committed to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their fertility and reproductive choices.

Read the full article here.


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