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5 October 2023

Dr Venkat, guest speaker at the Scientific Symposium

The Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology

Warsaw 6-7 October 2023



On 6th and 7th of October 2023, Dr Venkat will take part in “The 2023 Scientific Symposium” organized by the Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology. Held in Warsaw, the event will bring together consultants, embryologists, experts in the field of embryology and assisted reproductive medicine from all around the world.


Dr Venkat, Medical Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, one of the key contributors to this symposium, will talk about “Individualisation of ovarian stimulation – does one size fit all?” Dr.Venkat's presentation during the event will focus on the latest advancements in assisted reproductive technologies, highlighting the importance of personalised treatment plans tailored to individual patients' needs.


Dr Venkat says, “I am delighted and honoured to have been invited to speak at the 2023 Symposium of the Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology. It will be a privilege to contribute to this event, and I am looking forward to exchange of ideas and discussions with my colleagues. “


Dr Venkat’s expertise and commitment to advancing the field of reproductive medicine continue to inspire.

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