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Having a family with a frozen embryo transfer (FET)

We’ll use the latest techniques to maximise your chances of success and minimise your time to a successful pregnancy.

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Is FET right for me?

We understand fertility treatment can be a long and challenging journey. So, if you’re undergoing IVF or ICSI we will typically freeze all the embryos and test them for chromosomal abnormalities by PGT-A. 

Others might also choose to freeze their embryos to add to their family in the future.

FET information download

Comprehensive  details on the process can be downloaded here

Statistics at Harley Street

Embryos, frozen at the blastocyst stage by vitrification, are very robust and we have a greater than 95% freezing and thawing survival rate. 

Frozen embryo transfers with euploid blastocysts have the greatest possible chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy and live birth. We see pregnancy rates of 50% across all ages and 60% for women who were under 35 at the time of freezing the embryos.


Pregnancy rate

for frozen embryo transfers at our clinic.

A small babyhand in a parent's hand.

“Thankful to you all at Harley Street“


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