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Fertilise eggs during fertility treatment with ICSI

Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI involves selecting and injecting a single sperm directly into an egg ready for fertilisation and implantation.

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Is ICSI right for me?

Before ICSI became a routine technique in the 1990s, men with sperm problems had very little chance of fathering their own children. These days, improved investigations and diagnostic procedures have changed all that. With ICSI alongside new surgical sperm retrieval techniques, we can fertilise an egg with a single sperm ready for your next cycle of IVF.

Who’s it for

You might want to have ICSI if…

  • There are too few sperm for conventional IVF
  • The sperm does not move very well
  • There are high levels of abnormal sperm 
  • There are high levels of antisperm antibodies 
  • The level of DNA fragmentation in the sperm is high
  • The sperm has been surgically retrieved
  • The eggs have been frozen
  • You’ve experienced a failed or poor fertilisation in a previous cycle

Statistics at Harley Street

We’ve helped many partners, individuals and LBGTQ+ couples start their family since we opened our clinic in 2010 and we have some of the highest success rates for IVF in the country.

Zymot technology to optimise ICSI

Zymot screening is used to screen the optimum quality sperm for ICSI procedures where the sperm count is in excess of 2million sperm per ml.
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"The miracle that comes at the end of an IVF journey is wonderful!”


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