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21 November 2023

How much does it cost to freeze your eggs?


Egg freezing provides a life-changing opportunity for women who are not ready or not in a position to currently have children. There are many reasons you may choose to go along this route and it is suitable for a range of women, including those who have an increased risk of early menopause, those who wish to postpone childbearing, and women who are considering cancer treatment. Egg freezing services use vitrification techniques to successfully freeze and then store eggs for up to 55 years, or until desired for pregnancy.


Freezing eggs provides options for people, allowing them to be in a suitable position in life, whether that be mentally, physically or financially. There have been many positive outcomes from this type of treatment, Libby Andrews decided to freeze her eggs at age 33 with Harley Street Fertility Clinic. She commented “I highly recommend considering it and meeting with a doctor if you’re a woman in your 30s and think it might be the way for you. Some clinics even offer payment plans.”


The cost of egg freezing

Deciding on whether or not to freeze your eggs isn’t always easy, however, it does provide a wonderful opportunity for many women. Before making this decision, it's imperative you completely understand the costs involved, so that there are no surprises when you get started.

On average the treatment process of collecting and freezing your eggs costs around £3,350. On top of this, there will be the cost of medication, averaging at around £500 to £1,500, as well as the cost to store your eggs, which tends to cost around £125 to £350 each year. Consider requesting a fully costed treatment plan from your chosen clinic, so that costs are clear to you and you are not taken aback by any extra unexpected costs. With the new vitrification method, there is an expected thawing survival rate of more than 90% for vitrified eggs. If this journey is one you choose, then although the costs may be high, the results are worth it for when the time is just right for pregnancy. For more information on Harley Street’s Fertility Clinic success rates, please visit here.


The initial cost for collecting and freezing eggs includes:


- A nurse consultation

- Blood tests and monitoring scans during stimulation

- Egg collection and sedation for egg collection

- Egg freezing by the vitrification method

- Fertility support (elective, 2 sessions), acupuncture (elective, 2 session)

- One check up scan following the egg collection

- A review consultation if there is a negative outcome


When needed, the eggs can then be thawed and transferred to the womb, this costs on average around £2,500. Included in this cost is …

- Nurse consultation for consent forms and teaching of injections

- During treatment, there will be blood tests and monitoring of ultrasounds

- Egg thawing

- Sperm preparation and fertilisation of eggs by ICSI

- Embryo culture

- Advanced embryology if needed

- Embryo transfer

- Acupuncture, fertility support

- Progesterone test

- Pregnancy test

- Pregnancy scan

- Review consultation if there is a negative outcome.


The entire egg freezing process, including thawings costs on average £7,000 to £8,000. As a whole, there are many things to consider when it comes to egg freezing, the process and costs should be carefully thought out to ensure this is the right journey for you.


Payment Plans

Some fertility clinics offer payment plans to help ease the financial strain of procedures like these, and can help younger women, who may not be able to pay in full, to freeze their eggs at a better age for them. Harley Street Fertility Clinic in London appreciate that sometimes getting the funds together for these sorts of treatments can be tough. That’s why they work with a range of carefully selected partners to provide alternative options for funding your treatment.


Harley Street Fertility Clinic offer interest free credit finance that allows you to spread the cost of your treatment over 12 months. The terms are:

- No interest or fees

- 12 monthly repayments by direct debit

- 30-50% deposit required

- Subject to credit, affordability, and fraud checks

- Be a permanent UK resident with minimum 3-year address history

- Be in regular employment, with minimum 16 hours and £10,000 annual


Please note the offer of credit finance is not linked to treatment and so you can choose the amount of finance you would like to apply for. You will also need to decide in whose name you would like to apply for finance.


The application will leave a credit “footprint” on your credit history and must be made in a single person’s name. To apply for credit finance, please speak with your patient coordinator.


To see all financial help offered to Harley Street Fertility Clinic patients, please visit our blog.