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30 September, 2021

Julie's Story

“I am excited to be a surrogate, helping another family.”



Many people struggle when it comes to conceiving naturally, and this can be for a variety of reasons. While some women have health-related or genetic fertility issues that can be dealt with, others simply cannot have babies at all. Male couples, single males or women struggling to carry a baby full-term may worry that they are out of options, but of course, there is always surrogacy!

Today’s story is about Julie, (@surrgcalicious on Instagram) a woman who helps other people fulfill their dreams of having a family, by, as she puts it, “renting out her womb”!

Listen to Julie's podcast below.

If you’re interested in following Julie along her journey, you can find her social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) under the handle @surrgalicious. We are looking forward to catching up with Julie very soon.


*****UPDATE AUGUST 2022 *****

Julie gave birth a few months ago to a beautiful baby girl. The Intended Parents are now back home with her, and Julie is doing really well. What an inspirational story!

To find out more about our partner Extraordinary Conceptions and their surrogacy hybrid programme, please read our blog and listen to the podcast.