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Preserve your fertility for the future

Freezing your eggs or sperm until you’re ready to have a family is a deeply personal decision – one we can support you with in a friendly environment at our state-of-the-art clinic. Sadly, a lack of fertility awareness across the Nation is the root of poor proactivity in fertility preservation.  At Harley Street we make education and transparency a priority. 

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Advanced techniques

We specialise in advanced freezing techniques that have dramatically improved survival rates and all samples are monitored and safely stored in alarmed cryogenic tanks on site.

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Egg Freezing

We’ll collect, freeze and safely store your eggs until you want to start a family or for future IVF cycles.
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Sperm freezing

We’ll freeze and safely store your sperm at our clinic until you’re ready to start a family.
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Embryo Freezing

We’ll create, freeze and safely store your embryos for further testing or until you want to start a family. 
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How many eggs should I freeze

Your age and personal egg reserve will all affect the number of eggs we recommend you freeze. A minimum of 30 eggs is recommended.

 To help you work out how many eggs you would need to collect and freeze, our Embryologists have created this simple calculator.

Egg Freezing Calculator

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Still not sure?
Here are some frequently asked questions

When it comes to fertility treatment there’s so much to think about and it’s normal to have a lot of questions. These are some of the things we get asked most often.

What is the optimum age to freeze my eggs ?

In short 25-35.

Women are born with a finite egg reserve and this deteriorates as you age.  You are most fertile before the age of 32years.  However you may not be considering a family at that time.  Preserving your fertility by freezing eggs at this time is ideal.  As a rule, the younger you are the greater number of eggs we can collect with one round of treatment.  You will require about 30 eggs to ensure one successful pregnancy. 

If you consider egg freezing later in life, don't worry, it can be achieved and is all dependant on your personal AMH hormone levels.  However, it may take 2 treatments.

To understand how many eggs you will need to collect, take a look at our egg freezing calculator

Can I share my eggs with other patients ?

absolutely you can with Harley Street, with our egg sharing programme.  This can reduce the cost of future any future IVF treatment and you will give patients with a low egg reserve the opportunity to be parents.  Truly rewarding.

We will will always ensure that you have sufficient eggs for your own needs and recommend accordingly.

Read more about egg sharing.

Is egg freezing expensive ?

Think of egg preservation as an insurance policy not a cost.

Egg freezing does require a treatment and stimulation of your egg production in one cycle using medication.  

We are seeking to collect the optimum number of eggs to ensure a successful pregnancy in the future when you are ready to start a family.

Your age and some fertility conditions eg endometriosis will effect your egg count, so the number of stimulated cycles you will need will affect the cost.

If you are have good fertility health and are young, egg freezing starts at from £3,600 plus medication plus storage costs.

But ladies, remember, if you don't preserve your fertility when you have the opportunity, the cost of IVF later in life could be over twice this cost.


Will my pregnancy be as successful if I freeze my embryo's

Evidence and continued research shows that frozen embryo transfers are more successful than fresh transfers.

We always recommend that you genetically test your embryo's with PGT-A testing before freezing to ensure you know the quality of the embryo's before freezing.

Advanced technology has meant that damage to the embryo is negligible through the freezing and thawing process.


Why would I want to freeze my sperm ?

There can be many factors that influence the decision to preserve male fertility.  The most common are:

1. Before Chemotherapy treatment

2. To freeze and store sperm before a vasectomy. In the event of a divorce or a second marriage this can be a great insurance policy if you wish to start an extended family with a new partner.