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21 January 2023

Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid, expecting twins

“A doctor told me once that I would never have children.  One doctor believed in me, Dr Venkat of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, and here I am, pregnant with twins.” Nicola Manashe, HSFC patient




Harley Street Fertility Clinic are delighted to announce that Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid are expecting twins, to add to their family of 3.


After 7 years of infertility and 5 miscarriages, IVF warriors Nicola and Alex , came to the Harley Street Fertility Clinic family in 2019, hoping for a baby.


Since starting their fertility journey, Alex and Nicola shared their story to have a baby, their heartache of multiple miscarriages and the joy of becoming parents with the help of Harley Street Fertility Clinic. They blogged their IVF journey and took part in joined webinars and Instagram lives with Harley Street Fertility Clinic  to raise awareness of what infertility looks like.


Nicola and Alex are the proud parents of baby Anastasia Pixie Reid, born in July 2021.


Nicola remembers the time when a doctor advised her that she might not have children. “But one doctor believed in me, Dr Venkat,” said Nicola, overjoyed at the news. “Just amazing,” said Nicola. “We did it. Dr Venkat is a miracle worker. She’s completed my family”. Nicola sought out Harley Street Fertility clinic for help, given their reputation for thorough fertility screening and leading pregnancy success rates.  Nicola had two implanted embryos, one transferred frozen from a previous treatment and one created at Harley Street Fertility Clinic. “The first embryo is 7 years old, brought here from another clinic, and the second one is from Anastasia’s batch”.


“We did it again, Nicola, we did it together!” said Dr Venkat, Director Harley Street Fertility Clinic who helped Alex and Nicola in their first journey and shared the great news to Nicola about her new pregnancy. “I am delighted for you! We saw 2 heartbeats, and it all looks positive. The job is not over, we will look after you…We will continue the immune treatments that will protect your babies.”


Dr. Venkat, explains that whilst Alex and Nicola are not unique in their fertility struggles, their treatment pathway is unique. “No two patients are the same which is why my team and I invest time every day into discussing each patient thoroughly to ensure the right diagnosis for a positive outcome.”


The couple continues their fertility journey under the care of Harley Street.