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September 23, 2021

Growing success rates at Harley Street Fertility Clinic

We’ve always been immensely proud of our clinical success rates here at HSFC, and recently we’ve seen some outstanding pregnancy rates that we just had to share!


Impressive pregnancy rates

Our pregnancy rate per embryo transfer is now at 53% across all ages (and per embryo transferred, it is at 44%). This is compared to a national average of between 20% and 40% at other leading clinics. 



KPI All ages Under 37 Over 37
Embryo transfers 74 47 20
Embryos transferred 82 55 27
Clinical pregnancies 36 30 7
Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer 49% 64% 35%
Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred 44% 55% 26%
National average 23% 31% 13%


You can compare the success of HSFC compared to the national average clinical pregnancy rates per embryo transfer below.

The staff at our clinic have worked incredibly hard for these results - every stage of the embryo transfer process requires immense focus and precision that our experts never fail to provide for each and every patient. Whether it’s IVF, egg/sperm freezing or any of our other specialist fertility procedures, you can rest assured that the teams at HSFC are always doing whatever they can to secure the best chances of success for you.  

If you would like to find out more about how embryo transfers work, we have an educational podcast that can shed some light on the procedure and how we support our patients at the clinic. 


HSFC: Guiding you through your journey

At HSFC, we always strive to provide excellent emotional guidance to all of our patients on top of the physical support. We understand that fertility journeys can be long and tiring, and while they are often rewarding, they can be equally heartbreaking. Read or listen to some of our Patients’ Stories to find out more about how we provide the highest quality of care.

If you are thinking about fertility treatment, you can always contact our helpful team for more information or to have specific treatments recommended to you. We also suggest you book a fertility check up with us so that we can ensure your body is ready and able to start specific treatments.