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19 October 2020

Nikki's story

“For any problems, go to Dr Venkat. She is lovely. You will get a treatment [at HSFC], better than anywhere else.”

Nikki and her husband, among our first 100 patients



Nikki and her husband started their journey with Harley Street Fertility Clinic back in 2010, six years into their marriage. In fact, they were among our first 100 patients!

Nikki’s journey with our clinic began following a call with Dr Venkat, as she explains in her interview: “I was diagnosed with PCOS so it was hard to conceive naturally. I didn’t know at the time that I had PCOS, but we wanted to have a family, so we decided to look for a fertility clinic.” Nikki and her husband have a beautiful baby daughter, conceived via IVF. 

Listen to Nikki's full story via our podcast below.

Nikki was full of praise for all the IVF specialists at HSFC. She’s eager to reassure any women looking for fertility treatments that Harley Street is the right place to go! 


*To protect patient's confidentiality, we have used a stock picture.